Dear son,                                                                                                          November 11, 2017

I know you are nervous about starting your new school tomorrow. Leaving one school midyear for another is never an easy task. I feel bad that my new job affects you and the rest of the family, socially and emotionally. I understand leaving your buddies was a tough thing to do. Knowing how friendly you are, I am confident you’ll make new friends. Good luck with your new experiences at Franklin Elementary School. Looking forward to hearing all about it soon.





Dad,                                                                                                                        November 12, 2017

I had an okay day at my new school. My teacher is nice, and I like the class. Some of the girls stared at me a lot. I still wish I was at my other school with my friends, but maybe I’ll meet some new friends here. I’ll make the best of it.



25 Ways to Share Pillow Thoughts

  1. Attach a picture of the two of you inside the front cover.
  2. Glue in clippings or pictures of events, along with nice messages about the pictures.
  3. Write a birthday or holiday message, and include a drawing if you like.
  4. Draw a symbol of something that reminds you of each other, and write about it.
  5. Offer congratulations on an accomplishment.
  6. Write down encouragement in anticipation of a big day.
  7. Reaffirm your love to each other when you are disappointed by an action.
  8. Reach out when you sense something is on the other person’s mind.
  9. Express your pride when a goal or milestone is attained.
  10. Mention a funny or sweet remark.
  11. Write about overcoming fear.
  12. Praise the mastery of a new skill.
  13. Make note of any “firsts,” such as riding a bike or starting school or a new job.
  14. Notice acts of kindness.
  15. Rejoice over a moment shared between just the two of you.
  16. Share dreams for the future.
  17. Define moments of your own guilt or failure.
  18. Explain moments of heartbreak.
  19. List and share your favorites (food, character, or book, for example) and have the other person share favorites in return.
  20. Recollect a favorite moment from the day.
  21. Write about “A day in the life of …” (Parents should complete this type of entry on occasion to show the child’s typical day as he or she grows. Include pictures.)
  22. Include a guest journal entry. Or, have the child write a post for his or her future self to read as an adult, sealed in an envelope.
  23. Share a poem or story that you think might have meaning for the other person.
  24. Express a note that starts, “Read when you need …” Fill in the blank with love, support, encouragement, or laughter.
  25. Mention moments that made you proud or ones that made your heart melt.

Be creative with your entries. Make them as simple or as complex as you want. But mostly, have fun communicating with each other.

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